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Chat Commands & Keys

Updated: 05.07.2020


.clients -- list of online players

Land Claiming

/land claim new -- begin the claiming process.

/land claim start -- start claiming land from here.

/land claim end -- claim land til here.

/land claim [direction] [value] -- expand or shrink active claim [ge/gs/gw/gn|gu/gd | se/ss...] [m³]

Example: "/land claim gn 16" would grow your currently active claim 16 blocks north (gn = grow north, sn = shrink north, gu = grow up, etc).

/land claim add -- add your current selection to the area you want to claim next (must do before saving claim).

/land claim cancel -- cancel the process and discard any changes.

/land claim save [name] -- save your land and name it.

/land claim load [land list id number] -- load and modify an existing claim.

/land list -- lists all your claims with id numbers.

/land info -- if inside a claimed area, gives info about the owner.

/land claim grant [playername] [use/all] -- grant a player interact or building privileges.

/land claim revokegroup [groupname] -- revoke granted privileges to a group.

/land free [land list id] -- unclaim your land, if not in use anymore.

Groups/ Clans

/group [create|disband|rename|invite|acceptinvite|leave|list|kick]

Trader Chests (Mod)

/ce [create|update|list] -- use of trader chests

Don't forget to always put an "/" or "." at the beginning of all commands, like shown above.

Keys (Keyboard)

Press H to open the in-game manual.

Press O to open the skill dialog.