Donate & Support

So why should you support, if you could just play on the server for free?

I am a single person, investing a lot of time into the server maintenance, the website, the forum and everything else related to it. I give my best to try to make the community happy and to give support.
The recurring server costs per month are currently ca. 30€, which i spend from my own money, earned in a not so well payed, but still demanding job in an old peoples home.

Any support that you are willing to provide, will help me a lot and keeps the server running.

Would you like to help me out?
(No subscription)

Want to become a regular supporter and even benefit from it?

Become a Patron! and receive:

  • 1600.000m³ of claimable land size for your big ass projects (4 times as much as "standard")
  • 5 claimable pieces of land (standard: 2)
  • cosmetic in-game items
  • a gambling license (if you purchase the "Event Master" tier)
  • an special "photo shooting" of your avatar and your creations for the online gallery

  • and more. is NOT affiliated with, funded, or in any way associated with Anego Studios.