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and their supported games.

We are a (Discord-) Community dedicated to mostly sandbox-survival games.
We are running our own servers for the following titles:

GTA San Andreas
Roleplay multiplayer server within an enhanced vanilla San Andreas

  • The best Valheim server
  • Recommended Valheim server
  • Modded Valheim server
  • Active Valheim server

Vintage Story
3D Survival similar to Minecraft

  • The best Vintage Story server
  • The oldest Vintage Story server
  • Recommended Vintage Story server
  • Modded Vintage Story server

2D Survival Action like a top-down Terraria

  • The best Necesse server
  • Recommended Necesse server
  • Modded Necesse server
  • Active Necesse server

All games got their own community section in Discord with voice chats, screenshot threads and discussion channels.

≡ We are offering live support to all our titles. Join Discord now and become a member ≡

the best recommended multiplayer server for vintage story necesse valheim enshrouded and more. the cob servers active multiplayer servers for sandbox and survival games with a big community of friendly non-toxic players many mods and server events. you can find all required info to join our vintage story necesse valheim & enshrouded servers in our community discord. dedicated to sandbox & survival games with multiplayer servers for these block and building games located in europe and america
join the cob servers today. its fun and free! play necesse valheim vintage story enshrouded and other games on our public multiplayer server