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Server Rules

Updated: 02.05.2021

These rules have been created to achive an consistent experience for everyone. So please read them carefully.


A maximum of 5 players/ inhabitants per home.

Address everyone with Mr. or Ms. for roleplay emersion.

No real world chat themes in-game. Stick to roleplay and the game.

Do not create modern/ futuristic (except steampunk style) nor any provoking stuff.

Do not attack any NPC-merchant, do not destroy server teleporters, street lanterns or roads.

If you join our Discord, change your username to the same name that you're using in-game.

Cheating/ hacking, trolling and everything related WILL lead to a ban.

Server Activity

Please log-in at least twice a month, otherwise your land may get unclaimed by an admin or moderator. If you intend to stay away from the server for long (1 month+) but don't want to risk loosing your claims, consider supporting us through Patreon to make your claims untouchable as long as we do not wipe the server (don't worry, your creations can be copied over into new worlds, if you wish so). See the FAQ for further details.

Building & Farming

If you start for the first time, settle down within 500 units around any chosen spawn. You are allowed to go beyond this limit if building space should be insufficient. After you have build your first home within that 500 units limit, you're free to build a second home anywhere in the world.

All homes have to be build in realistic sizes, vintage/ fantasy style. Check out the maximum allowed dimensions further down below.

You can only have 2 homes. If you want to build another one or want to change regions, you'll have to abandon one of your current homes.

Structures should never float in the air. Do not use soil to build structures that could never hold using dirt in real life.

Your home has to have an sign with your in-game name on it either next to your main door or next to your bed.

No stacking of blocks without building/ construction purpose (e.g. 1x1 stacked towers).

Claim your home, shop and farmland only. Do not claim public structures or buildings.

Players have to unclaim land & buildings, if abandoned by them at all times.

Any home near spawn has to connect to an pathway or road that leads to spawn.

Do not build over other peoples claims, except they are ok with it.

Do not block infrastructure like bridges or roads in any way.

Do not create landslides just for fun. This will affect server performance and can lead to a ban.

Only 1 marketplace per region (Northland, Midland and Southland). Advise with other inhabitants of a region, to find the best spot.

Players may own 1 shop within their regions marketplace (but may sell anywhere in person). Name that shop unique (e.g. not just "pottery").
The so called "Trade-o-mats" are only allowed to be placed next to your shop at the marketplace, not next to your home.

For the sake of exploration, every player is allowed to build temporary shelter within open country.

Shelters have to stay unclaimed and can be destroyed and looted by others without punishment.

Placeholders for constructions/ buildings/fences or temporary shelters may be build with soil or logs.
These placeholders have to be converted into wood planks, stone blocks etc. within a short time, though.

Constructions entirely made out of soil or logs, will get removed by the admin.

Every player is allowed to hold an appropriate number of tameable animals.

Excessive numbers may reduce server performance. Admin may have to take action, if your animal enclosure seems to be overfilled.

Any building that serves either military or war purposes has to stay unclaimed and may be destroyed by anyone.

Maximum Dimensions (H/W/D)

Private home: no limit - but keep it realistic e.g. do not build superstar style mansions.

Shelter: 3/7/7 blocks max.

Shop: 3/5/4 blocks max. (does not apply if inside an public building)

Cellars should have a realistic size thats fits to your home.

Player vs Player (PvP)

PvP is allowed 24/7 if theres a valid reason for it (e.g. somebody is stealing your property or if it's part of roleplay).

PvP actions have to be announced to other players with '/emote rage' while facing each other.
(You may want to bind this command to a key using the macro editor. Hit ctrl & M).

PvP is NOT allowed within villages, private homes, public buildings, fenced farmland or on paved walkways/ streets.

Stealing is restricted to: Any items that seem to belong to others
in open (unfenced) country, abandoned (unclaimed) buildings, temporary shelters.

Do not destroy creations or buildings of others without purpose, to steal materials or "just for fun". This will lead to a ban.
This does not apply to military and war facilities. These can be attacked any time, as far as it serves a proper purpose.

(Voice-) Chat Rules

No profanity, no insulting,
no discrimination, no shouting/caps. Unless you like to get kicked.

Language: English (server-wide).
Any other as PM (personal message) or within a text/voice clan chat only.

Please make sure you do not broadcast any constant background noise (e.g. music).

If you go offline, make sure to free the voice chat slot for others. Failing to do so several times, may cause future voice chat restrictions.

Special Admin & Moderator Rights

Administrators are allowed to help players building public facilities and to flatten land.* Server structures (streets, bridges etc.), landmass or special points of interest, like quest dungeons, may be created/modified by admins anywhere in the world. Working materials and tools like saws or chisels have to be aquired by players themselfes at all times.

Admins are allowed to play in survival mode on VSo, but won't participate in any pvp actions, will not join clans and will not do business with survival players (buying, selling, trading, etc). They will also not give away items or materials for free.

Please note that some of our staff members DO NOT have any admin rights and will play pure survival on the server like anyone else, including pvp. These staff members do act only as support to the admins and can be adressed by players if any problems or questions occur. They are separated from the admins in our Discord, in case you like to know who is admin with access to creative mode and who is a pure survival player.

If you believe, that someone is breaking rules or is cheating, please report them via our Discord.
Rules are subject to change.