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Server FAQ

Updated: 20.12.2020

Q: What kind of game is "Vintage Story"?

A: Vintage Story is a 3D game similar to the famous block building & survival hit "Minecraft". You'll explore an huge open and procedural generated world in which you'll have to survive, build shelter, cook, craft, hunt animals or for treasure, fight mobs and more. You can do all this alone or you could work together with other players.
Vintage Story is still in development but plays awesome already.

Check out our screenshot gallery for an first impression, if you do not know the game yet.

Q: How do i connect to the "Vintage Story Online: Conquest of Blocks" multiplayer server?

A: First you'll have to download and install our mod collection that you'll find here. These are great additions to the vanilla game, no total conversion.
Start "Vintage Story" and browse the public server list in the multiplayer section. Look for "Conquest of Blocks" in that list and join us.

Q: What exactly am i allowed to build on your server and what not?

A: The general theme of our "Vintage Story" multiplayer server is "old/vintage" (around middle age to early 1900s). You may build everything that is not too modern or futuristic, e.g. if you like to build a car, it has to look vintage style, like from the 1930s or so. The same goes for metropolitan areas.
Please study our rules for further information and hints.

Q: Will my work ever get deleted from the server?

A: Since the "Vintage Story" game is still work in progress, new updates may require a re-seed for stuff to be working. But that has'nt been the case yet.
We are not planning to re-seed our realm anytime soon. But there are rules regarding server activity, which you should check out before you start to build.

Q: How can i set my personal spawn point?

A: You may create a new spawn point by using a "temporal gear" from within your inventory (hold "MouseButtonRight" while selected).
You may acquire "temporal gears" by killing the enemy type "drifters". Once in a while, our server exclusive grocery stores got some in stock too.

Q: How do i stay alive in the first couple of game hours?

A: First, you should look for a save place where you want to settle. While doing so, also look for bushes carrying berries and harvest them with your knife. Eat them, if hungry. Look for loose flint on the ground. Also look for reeds at waterfronts, harvest them and produce a hand basket (10 reeds) and reed basket (24 reeds), so that you can carry and store more items. You can place your torch on the ground, once you found a good spot to start your settlement. Choose a spot with enough natural resources around you. Use a "temporal gear" from your inventory (hold "MouseButtonRight" while selected) to set your spawn point / home. Study the handbook (H) to produce tools like axes and hoes made of flint. If you spawn in winter, you may have to hunt for food right away to survive. Seek shelter in buildings or underground.

Q: Are there any chat commands that i can use on the "" server?

A: After connecting to us, open the chat window and scroll all the way up. There you'll find a list of the most common commands.
You may also just switch to windowed mode with "F11" and browse our detailed chat commands & keys list.

Q: Once in a while the server is not responding for minutes!

A: The server will restart every day at 4am central european time. Every third day we will create an backup, 5 minutes after restart. This may lead to no response for some time, depending on the file size. If you are in a different time zone, you may experience this more often than others. If this happens, please check back in half an hour or so. Thank you for your patience.

Q: What do i have to keep in mind when joining the server's "Builder" group?

A: Being part of the "Builder" group will grant you the right to build and work in areas that have been claimed by the server itself, like King's Landing (the spawn town). "Builders" are players which have been found trustworthy and like to help expanding server structures, rather than joining an clan or just surviving on their own somewhere in the wilderness. You may apply for this group after some time beeing active on the server.

Notes: "Builders" are not allowed to join any other clan or group while being granted with these privileges and they have an obligation to help each other out where possible. Members have to be online regularly. Otherwise their group membership will be revoked.

Q: How can i activate the "Discord" overlay in-game?

A: Open your "Discord" VoIP, open 'settings' (lower left corner) - then click 'game activity' - 'add game' and choose "Vintage Story". To enable/disable the overlay, go to 'overlay' and change settings. To define a new hotkey, go to 'keybinds'. Choose a key that you won't use to write text messages.

Q: Do you have events?

A: We unregularly create events like hunting, jump and run parcours, chisel tournaments and other fun stuff for players to battle each others skills and win in-game prizes. We also set up quests and dungeons to hunt for rare items. To fetch a quest, go to the quest master in King's Landing and choose the one you like to try.

Q: Can i skip nighttime on the server?

A: Skipping is possible, if all players are lying on a bed or if an admin/moderator is online and most people want him/her to set day time.

Q: What exactly does the mod collection do?

A: The mod collection is required to be able to join "Vintage Story Online: Conquest of Blocks". It will add some neat custom and QoL content to the game, some of it server-exclusive. These changes are mostly of smaller nature and feature stuff like new npcs, ruins, a skill system and an grocery trader. They will not total-convert the game.

Q: I still can't join the server after installing the mod collection!

A: In case you still be prompted to install required mods to join, please go to "../Users/YourName/AppData/Roaming/Vintagetory/Mods" and check if you got mods in 2 different versions installed (e.g. an older version besides an newer version). If so, either delete the old version or just delete everything inside the "Mods" folder EXCEPT the 3 DLL-files (named: VSCreativeMode, VSEssentials, VSSurvivalMod). Apply the mod collection again.

Note: In case you can't find the "AppData" folder, please follow these instructions: View hidden files in windows.

Q: What is the grocery trader?

A: The grocery trader is an npc that has been set up by the server. He will offer items, that you can't find in any other vanilla trader's shop, including a few tools which you normally would only get somewhat later in the game, like an pickaxe or an chisel. He will also sell "temporal gears", which you may use to set your respawn point.

Q: I granted someone access to my claim, but he/she still can't modify anything.

A: Try to delete your claim and redo it, after someone joined your group/clan. This is something that needs to be fixed by the developers.

Q: Help! Soil is moving underneath my builds, leaving dangerous holes!

A: Set up underground support first, before starting to build whatever structure. Soil is affected by gravity and landslides may occur, if you do not prepare properly.

Q: Help! I set something on fire by accident! How can i extinguish it?

A: Always make sure you have a filled watering can or an bucket somewhere nearby, in case an unwanted fire occurs. This applies especially,
if you're living inside a wooden structure. You'll also find fire extinguishers in most public buildings within our spawn town King's Landing.

Q: Can i somehow claim more than 3 pieces of land?

A: Become a patron now and you'll get access to [ 5 ] claimable pieces of land plus [3 times] the size of an vanilla claim.
And these are not the only benefits you'll receive, if you choose to support the server in it's recurring costs.
Why don't you check out our Patreon page now?

Land Claim Comparison:

Max claim size (Vanilla): 262.144m³/3 areas
Max claim size (Supporter): 786.432m³/5 areas

Q: I think someone is cheating or breaking server rules. How can i report it?

A: Please use Discord ( and contact the administrator via personal message.

Q: What about "Temporal Stability". Can't see any sign of it.

A: That is because we disabled it on our server. We like to focus on exploring, crafting, creative building and roleplaying
in an more or less realistic and peaceful world. We find that having to fiddle with "temporal stability" somehow distracts from it.

Q: My "Vintage Story" game is running like poop. What can i do?

A: If you experience low framerates, this is something we can't fix, since it's your hardware, not the server performance.
But you may try to change the following settings in-game and see if it does anything for you:

VSync Mode: Off
Max FPS: around 45 (in some situations "unlimited" may work better)
Shadows: Medium or low quality

You should also try to fiddle with the other graphic options a bit, like with the "resolution" slider.

If your game is lagging, try to check your internet connection first. If you think, the server is lagging for everyone and not just for you,
please contact the administrator so that he can try to fix this.

Q: Can i somehow connect to "Vintage Story Online: Conquest of Blocks" directly?

A: Find the shortcut to the game (usually on your desktop), right-click on it and choose 'Properties' - 'Shortcut' and put the following line right after the 'Target' parameter:
-c "". So in the end the whole parameter should look somewhat like this:

C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Vintagestory\Vintagestory.exe -c ""

Save it and the next time you're using the shortcut, you should connect directly to our server.

Q: That's it? I need more tips and hints about the game!

A: Please visit the library in King's Landing and have a look around. Most players are very helpful as well if you have more questions.